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Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V

Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V

  • Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V
  • Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V
  • Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V
  • Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V
  • Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V
Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Customized
Certification: ISO/TS16949
Model Number: 0350008530 / 1812005080
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton/Pallet
Delivery Time: 30-40 Working Days
Supply Ability: 20,000 Pcs Per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Warranty: 12 Months Voltage: 12V / 28V
Material: Normal Car Make:: Suzuki
Packages: 4Pcs / Carton Or 6Pcs / Carton Surface Preparation: Deburring
High Light:

replacement auto parts


automobile spare parts

Truck Alternator Assembly / OEM Auto Accessories Alternator Generator


1. All the materials we choose are strictly controlled and the alternators are produced according to OEM specification with high performance.


2. We have full range of products for you to choose: Heavy trucks, agriculture and industrial vehicles,commercial vehicles, etc.


3. We have advanced producing technology and equipment to design and develop new products according to the customer samples.



OEM Engine number Voltage/current
SUZUKI 27020-13130    
SUZUKI 27020-15021    
SUZUKI 27020-22020    
SUZUKI 27020-24063    
SUZUKI 27020-31090    
SUZUKI 27020-33011    
SUZUKI 27020-44034    
SUZUKI 27020-60071    
SUZUKI 27020-60072    
SUZUKI 3140060A10 96060337   14V/55A
SUZUKI 31400-82131    
SUZUKI JA1293IR 3140060G10   14V/70A
SUZUKI 31400-80010    
SUZUKI 31400-80011    
SUZUKI 5-81200-266-2    
TOYOTA   3K/4K 12V/60A
TOYOTA 12184 1002116930   14V/40A
TOYOTA 12187 110629 27060-78003   12V/35A
TOYOTA 12210 100211-4100   14V/80A
TOYOTA 27030-54160    
TOYOTA 27030-64010    
TOYOTA 27040-54240;100213-1240 3L  
TOYOTA 27040-54440;100213-2471 3L  
TOYOTA 27040-64020    
TOYOTA 27060-0C020    
TOYOTA 27060-0L021    
TOYOTA 27060-0M020    
TOYOTA 27060-10030    
TOYOTA 27060-10071    
TOYOTA 27060-10100    
TOYOTA 27060-11270    
TOYOTA 27060-15080    
TOYOTA 27060-16140    
TOYOTA 27060-16160    
TOYOTA 27060-16170    
TOYOTA 27060-22170    
TOYOTA 27060-28090    
TOYOTA 27060-30130    
HINO   EF750  
HINO   EH700  
HINO   J08C 24V/80A
HINO   W04D  
HINO 23100-02N18    
HINO 23100-10G04    
HINO 23100-25769   28V/60A
HINO 23100-31U00    
HINO 23100-77A00    
HINO 23100-97003/Z5672 RD8 24C/50A
HINO 27040-1410 H07C 24V/50A
HINO 27040-1802c 0201 102 3114 QT0840 28V/60A
ISUZU   10EP1  
ISUZU   4BA1 12V/35A
ISUZU   4BB1  
ISUZU   4BC2 24V/45A
ISUZU   4HF1 24V/60A
ISUZU   4JB1 24V/70A
ISUZU   4ZA1  
ISUZU   6BD1  
ISUZU   C240 12V/40A
ISUZU 8-87187-659-0    
ISUZU 8941754481 113412 14735   14V/70A
ISUZU 8-94221-450-2    
ISUZU 8-94389-772-1    
ISUZU 8-94401-793-0/2 LR150-155 C190  
ISUZU 8-97183-882-0 A5TN6279 4HF1 24V/60A
ISUZU LR150-421C 894122-4884 4JA1 4JB1 14V/70A
ISUZU LR225-408C 8-94472-330-0 4BE1 4BC1 4BC2 24V/35A
ISUZU LR250-503;8-97116-088-0 4HF1  
ISUZU LR250-511B/517 ;8-97186-551-1 4HF1  
ISUZU LR280-501/506/508 ; 8-97351-574-0 ;8-97248-914-1 4HF1/4HE1 8-97332-502-0
MITSUBISHI   4D30/D431 24V/45A
MITSUBISHI   4D56 12V/110A
MITSUBISHI   CK3-420 14V/90A
MITSUBISHI   CL-3.520 14V/75A
MITSUBISHI 4T57477/ME067619 6D22 24V/40A
MITSUBISHI 64468-26100 A1T70783   28V/20A
MITSUBISHI A002T01483    
MITSUBISHI A002T82899AZ9    
MITSUBISHI A2T01683/583/483;MD106319/20 4D55  
MITSUBISHI A2T70772 A2T72185 A2T72186 A2T72999 ME037616 6D14 28V/35A
MITSUBISHI A2T72189 ME067522 8DC9 28V/45A
MITSUBISHI A2T72286 ME037640 6D15 28V/35A
MITSUBISHI A2T72383 A5T70183 ME017506 4DR5 4DR6 4D30 4D31 4D32 28V/35A
MITSUBISHI A2TN0499 A2TN0399 4D56 14V/90A
MITSUBISHI A3T45694 MD149570 4G63 4G64 14V/90A
MITSUBISHI A3TN5188 ME049173 4D33 28V/45A
MITSUBISHI A3TN6188ZJ ME011698 4D34  
MITSUBISHI A4T25699;A4TU0088;ME087651 4D34  
MITSUBISHI A4T40386 ME037616 6D22 28V/40A
MITSUBISHI MD-021660    
MITSUBISHI MD-060793    
MITSUBISHI MD-103373    
MITSUBISHI MD-103564    
MITSUBISHI MD-108230    
MITSUBISHI MD-111148    
MITSUBISHI MD-111149    
MITSUBISHI MD-125096    
MITSUBISHI MD141855 A3T02193 37300-36010 MD141855-R 6G72 14V/75A
MITSUBISHI MD-189659    
MITSUBISHI MD-190819    
MITSUBISHI MD-193323    
MITSUBISHI MD-194466    
MITSUBISHI MD-194471    
MITSUBISHI MD-317862    
MITSUBISHI MD-366050    
MITSUBISHI MD-371863    
MITSUBISHI ME-007535    
MITSUBISHI ME-017561/2    
MITSUBISHI ME-017614    
MITSUBISHI ME087508 6D14/6D15/6D16  
MITSUBISHI ME-200695    
MITSUBISHI ME-202232    
MITSUBISHI ME-202755    
HONDA 31100-P04-G05    
HONDA 31100-P2E-G01    
HONDA 31100-P2T-G01    
HONDA 31100-PNC-004    
HONDA 31100-PND-004    
HYUNDAI MD-188242 A3T11191 111627 Sonata 14V/90A
KIA 8941503441   14V/50A
KIA RF01-18-300    
KOMASU   6D102  
KOMASU   6D125  
KOMASU 033000-5280/5860;600-821-6120 4D95/6D95  
KOMASU 033000-5840/50/70/80/6511;600-821-6110/20 6D105  
LADA 21083701010   14V/55A
LUCAS CA1457IR CA1468IR   14V/65A
MAZDA F225-18-300    
MAZDA S203-18-300    
NISSAN   SD22/25  
NISSAN 0120488300 9127041105    
NISSAN 23099-34W01    
NISSAN LR150-428T LR160-437 LR160-437T 23100-06J02,23100-06J01 TD25 TD27 TD42 14V/70A
OPEL 6204066   14V/120A
PEUGEOT ALT-1090 206 14V/80A
PROTON 82001/2065 Saga 14V/75A
PROTON A5TA1491A PW516786   14V/75A
  7331 20601 110427 2P1204 Crawier Tractor 1150 24V/22A
BENZ 0124555001 0124555004 Actros 28V/80A
BENZ/MAN 0120469982 0120496686   28V/55A
BUIK 8235 1219801D   14V/40A
DAEWOO 10479816   14V/80A
DAEWOO 219006 31410A80D00 Damas 14V/40A
DAEWOO 21910 31400A78B02 Tico 14V/40A
DAEWOO 96303556 C82801 LaNos(KLAT) 14V/90A
DAEWOO LA201101   14V/90A
DAIHATSU 12179 JA551IR Cuore II Hijet Bus 14V/40A
DAIHATSU 12180 27060-78001 Charade MK III 14V/45A
DAIHATSU 12199 100211-4650 Cuore II 14V/35A
DAIHATSU JA880IR 1002116730 Feroza 14V/45A
DELCO   20SI 14V/60A
DELCO 12166 1229100DR 111261 10461235 25SI 24V/50A
DELCO 2480812   14V/90A
DELCO 7467 291361 1117640 12165 20SI 28V/35A
FORD 15857608   14V/160A
FORD F75U-10300-CA    
VOLKSWAGEN 043903023 9120080061   14V/35A
VOLKSWAGEN 439338   14V/90A
VOLVO 0120468093   28V/60A
VOLVO 0120469523   28V/55A
VOLVO 0124555017 20466315   28V/80A
VOLVO 0210468037 0120468114   28V/80A
VOLVO 120469569   28V/55A
VOLVO 120469920   28V/55A
VOLVO A14N141M 1089861 F10 F12 28V/55A


Powerful Auto Spare Parts Truck Alternator Assembly / Alternator Generator 12V / 24V 0


1. We have sixteen years experience in exporting to overseas market with full range of products,fast delivery,competitive price and guaranteed service .

2. We supply multi-faceted service: OEM service,customer design service and buyer label service.

3. We guarantee that all merchandise we supply in good quality and under strict examination before shipped.


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